On a daily basis I strive to deliver high quality work which is both engaging and consistent with onsite creative and also offline POS. As part of my role, I oversee and guide other members of the design team, sharing my knowledge of design, web practice and illustration. A large part of my role was creating designs for Matalan's emails and App; designing at least five emails a week with multiple versions and personalisation. However, I also worked on updating their website by creating new landing or department pages and content. This work required me to use my knowledge of web design, a keen eye for attention to detail and effective design solutions for best UX practices, mobile first approach and responsive email design. I took my creative concepts through to final build using HTML and CSS. During my time at Matalan, I improved the quality and the frequency of emails sent which received extremely positive feedback from both peers and customers alike. 
Matalan Winter campaign - Mobile
Matalan Winter campaign - Tablet & Desktop
Matalan Summer campaign - Mobile & Tablet
Matalan Summer & Winter campaign - Homeware Department - Mobile
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